Elastocer – WRL-1 


Elastocer - WRL-1

Elastocer – WRL-1

Ceramic pads for lining chutes and feeders

  • Material: Ceramic Rubber

The extremely hard ceramic elements provide unsurpassed resistance to wear, while the elastic properties of the rubber effectively dampen the impact forces. These plates are necessarily steel backed. Used in heavy wear areas characterized by both impact & abrasion with small angle of impact. 

Elastocer liner is conventionally fixed to the mother plate by stud welded at the back of the wear plate by nuts & flat washers. Also, alternative fixing by bolts, flat washers and nuts cab be done on specified requirement.

 500 x 500 mm
500 x 250 mm 
305×305 mm
Thicknes of: 30and 50mm


  • Twelve times more durable than Steel(proven by trials)
  • Enhanced service life at critical operating conditions
  • Severe abrasion resistant
  • Predictable wear pattern.


  • Reduces cost of Annual Maintanence& Wear protection material
  • Reduces shut down frequency , hence production cost
  • Prevents jamming and corrosion
  • Reduces production downtime.


Application includes screen chutes, tripper deflector walls, launders, conveyor transfer points, feeder side walls etc.