Ceralock – WRL- 2  


Ceramic pads for lining chutes and feeders

  • Material: Ceramic Rubber

    Wear Resistant Liners Ceralock - WRL- 2

    Wear Resistant Liners Ceralock – WRL- 2

Ceramic tiles, vulcanized on a rubber pad with metal insert. Ceralock tiles are mechanically interlocked in both vertical and horizontal planes to prevent premature failure in applications where tile loss is a problem. The rubber matrix provides additional protection to the lower and vertical surfaces for secure bonding and good impact resistance.

 300 x 300 mm
300 x 600 mm 
500 x 500 mm
Thicknes of: 40 and 75 mm


  • Twelve times more durable than Steel (proven by trials)
  • Enhanced service life at critical operating conditions
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Predictable wear pattern


  • Reduces cost of annual maintanence& replacement cost
  • Reduces shut down frequency , hence incease productivity
  • Prevents jamming and corrosion
  • Planned Maintanence.
  • No ceramic dislogement during operation


Screen chutes, tripper deflector walls, launders, conveyor transfer points, feeder side walls etc.