DynaPulp® Mill Discharger

Pulp Dischargers for Maximum Flow

DynaPulp® Mill Discharger

DynaPulp® Mill Discharger

DynaPulp® guarantees maximum capacity from the mill. Tega uses advanced computational software to simulate the slurry charge using DEM and CFD tools that ensure an efficient discharge system. DynaPulp® offers Curved and Radial Discharger systems to achieve a lower specific power consumption and an effective energy saving.

The DynaPulp® discharger system ensures a maximum discharge efficiency, eliminating carry-over, increasing the mill capacity. No carry-over also eliminates excessive wear at the trailing edge of the discharger system.

The DynaPulp® radial discharger system is engineered for both uni-directional and bi-directional mill rotation. Based on simulations and experiments, DynaPulp® can be designed with exotic wear materials at optimal positions to arrest excessive differential wear rate.

DynaPulp® Advantages:

Optimized Flow

• Maximized Capacity

• Zero carry-back resulting in higher utilisation of discharger bucket capacity

Energy Efficiency

• Lighter weight of the discharger system

• Lesser specific power consumption compared to

conventional discharger systems

Increased Life

• Exotic wear materials at the high wear zones eliminate premature failure

• Minimal carry-back considerably reduces the wear on the trailing edge

Ease of Fitment


• Every discharger is tested for perfect fitment

• Lighter weight  

Improved Safety

• Increased safety while installing and dismantling the discharger system


  • SAG Mills
  • AG Mills
  • Grate Discharge
  • Ball Mills