Wear Resistant Liners
SB – WRL-4


Rubber pads for linning feeders, chutes, sumps and others

  • Material: Rubber or Polyurethane

    Wear Resistant Liners - SB - WRL-4

    Wear Resistant Liners – SB – WRL-4

Rubber pads , with different thickness and hardnes to line feeders, chutes, sumps and other high wear areas.  Wear resistant rubber liners are manufactured from special rubber compound by high pressure molding which imparts abrasion, impact and corrosion resistant properties to these liners. The wear pattern of these elements can be predicted fairly accurately which enables proper maintenance planning and hence reduces the overall costs. 

500 x 100  mm
500 x 1250  mm 
750 x 1000  mm
750 x 1250 mm
1220 x 1800 mm
Thicknes of:   30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm  


  • Enhanced elasticity & dampening property absorbs impact loads providing cushioning effect
  • High resilience reduces vibrations and by dampening the impact forces.
  • Fire resistance (FRAS) from red hot Bulk Materials conforming protection to the structure
  • Low hardness compared to steel, reduces mineral degradation & tonnage loss in sized mineral handling


  • Increase equipment life and reduce degradation of materials
  • Prevents damage to mother plate
  • Safe operation & prevents conveyor damage
  • Lower inventories can be maintained due to predictable wear pattern


Primary & Secondary impact, sliding & abrasion zones for chutes , Hopper, Bins, Deck plates of feeders ets.