Thomas Series 54 Close-Coupled Couplings

Thomas Series 54 couplings are designed as maintenance-free alternatives to lubricated gear- and grid-style couplings in close-coupled applications.

Rexnord S54RD Thomas Disc Couplings:

Rexnord S54RD Thomas-Disc Couplings

Rexnord S54RD Thomas Disc Couplings

The Rexnord Thomas Series 54RD couplings are specifically designed as replacements for close-coupled gear and grid couplings, and where overall shaft-to-shaft spacing is minimal. Materials of construction are identical to the Series 52. Stainless steel disc packs are supplied as standard. To reduce maintenance costs, the Series 54RD is furnished with an axially split center member. This design permits the removal of the disc packs without moving the connected equipment. When specified, and based on speed requirements, the Series 54RD can be manufactured to meet API 610. 

Rexnord S54RDG Thomas Disc Couplings:

The Rexnord Thomas Series 54RDG couplings are reduced diameter gear and grid replacement couplings. Applications include any situation where

Rexnord S54RDG Thomas Disc Couplings

Rexnord S54RDG Thomas Disc Couplings

the overall shaft-to-shaft spacing is minimal. The center member of the 54RDG is split axially, which permits maintenance of the couplings without moving the hubs or the connected equipment. Center member is piloted into the adapter providing high-speed potential at high-torque density. 

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