AVM Slanted Check Valve:Slanted Check Valve

Double Offset, Heavy Duty Design

Highly Efficient, Soft Sealing or Soft Sealing and Metal Sealing

A proven design …

AVM Slanted Check Valve was designed for the water industry, taking into account the best available design with 20° slanted seat, exceeding the requirements of EN 593. It is a well-proven design, being used in many of installations worldwide. Over the years, AVM Slanted Seat Check Valve has undergone constant refinement and perfection, and therefore incorporates unique features and benefits preferred by Engineers and users alike. The disc is streamlined by computer optimization for low head loss. A wide selection of materials is available; also internal hard rubber lining for saline applications. Sizes and pressures go up to DN 2000 and PN 40 as standard (larger possible).

Disc seal replacement in the field is easy, without removal of the valve from the line. Powder epoxy with drinking water certificate is always applied. Quality is of utmost concern: Materials with highest integrity, advanced production technology, first-class testing facilities and strict quality control ensure years of trouble free performance. The AVM Slanted Seat Check Valve should be your first choice.

General Advantages of Tilting Check Valves:

1. Functional light design
2. Cost effective in purchase: Light and
compact design ends up with a competitive
price compared with other valve types
3. Cost effective in any situation of
installation: Light design allows easy
handling and installation
4. Cost effective in use: Problem free design
means economy in use
5. Cost effective in maintenance: Design is
almost maintenance free. Resilient seal
replacement is the only major maintenance


1. Smaller installation space requirement
2. High grade protection against corrosion
3. Field approved safe design
4. Low head loss
5. Variety of material application
6. Easy replaceable o-ring shaft seals

Size Range and Pressure:

DN 80 up to DN 2000 as standard

PN 6 up to PN 40

Working Temperatures:

-20 °C up to +70 °C for liquids 
upto 120°C with special EPDM

Applicable Standards:

Face to face EN 558-1 series 14. (ex DIN 3202 F4/BS 5155 long)

Flanges to EN 1092-2 (ex DIN 2501, ISO 2531, BS 4504, ISO 7005-2)

Design to EN 593

Corrosion Protection

Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

Min. Dry Film Thickness: 250 µm

Color: Blue, ca. RAL 5005


Pumping Stations

Treatment Plants



Power stations

Desalination Plants

Industrial Applications