AVM Submerged Discharge Valve (SDV)

Submerged Discharge Valve (SDV)

Submerged Discharge Valve (SDV)

AVM Submerged Discharge Valve (SDV) Advantages:

If we compare the conventional SDV with the AVM SDV design, our valve has a 100% clean internal bore, and the throttling sleeve is located at the outside. This design eliminates possible blockage of system and flow path. Foreign parts or debris is collected at the bottom of the valve, where it can be easily removed through the bottom cover.

There is therefore no need to dismantle the whole valve from the pipeline.

For instance a DN 1000mm valve can be thoroughly cleaned within one hour. As an optional feature the drive system can be used to lift the cover, so no need for an external lifting facility for bigger valves.

AVM SDV design has two or three hydraulic cylinders to operate the throttling sleeve.

The number of cylinders is there to give an evenly distributed force on the sleeve, as the force can otherwise be excessive.

This system is attached to the valve where this force is required, and therefore the remaining parts of the pipe are totally free from any extra loads.

In competing systems with spindle there is a major load on the drive system and also on the valve-pipe, while in our system this disadvantage is totally avoided.