Fixed Cone Valve:        Fixed Cone Valve - Water applications Industrial Valves

Heavy Duty Design, Linear Modulation, Drop tight

A proven design..

The AVM Fixed Cone Valve is the result of AVM’s expertise in cutting-edge valve technology, starting more than 5 decades ago.

It is a well-proven design, being used in many installations worldwide. Over the years, AVM Fixed Cone Valve has undergone constant refinement and perfection, and therefore incorporates unique features and benefits preferred by Engineers and users alike.

The flow path is streamlined by computer optimization for low head-loss.Fixed-Cone-Valve

A wide selection of materials is available; carbon steel to full stainless steel.

Hydraulic drive ensures smooth and precise movement. Fully stainless steel cylinders available.

Sizes up to DN 2000 as standard (larger is possible).

Seal replacement in the field is easy, without removal of the valve from the line.

Powder epoxy coating with drinking water certificate is always applied for carbon steel parts.

Tight fit sliding elements and bearings ensure vibration free operation.

Quality is of utmost concern: Materials with highest integrity, advanced production technology, first-class testing facilities and strict quality control ensure years of trouble free performance.

The AVM Fixed Cone Valve should be your first choice.

Advantages of AVM Fixed Cone Valves:

1 – Functional light design

a.   Cost effective in purchase:  Light and compact design ends up with  a competitive price compared with  other sleeve valve types.

b.   Cost effective in any situation of installation: Light design allows easy handling and  installation.

c.   Cost effective in use: Problem free design means economical           usage.

d.   Cost effective in maintenance:   Design is almost maintenance free.
Resilient seal replacement is the only ordinary maintenance  2 – Smaller installation space required,        compared with other sleeve valve types.

3   – Field approved safe design.

4   – Flow regulation is linear.  5 – Valve is drop tight when closed. Valve seals with low leakage even if seal        damaged.

6  – Different materials are available, also fully  stainless steel valve.

7   – Hydraulic piston driven design ensures  smooth operation, three pistons for DN 1000 and up.

8  – Fully stainless steel cylinders are available.

9  – Manual or power driven hydraulics are available.

10   – Remote control position feedback is available.

11  – Simplified, tight fit moving parts and  proper bearing system ensures vibration free operation.

12   – Available for high pressures.


Drive Options:

Hydraulic piston driven system.

Size Range and Pressure:

DN 80 up to DN 2000 as standard

PN16 flanged, up to 60 m water head clean bore. High pressure available with suitable cage trim.

Applicable Standards:

Flanges to EN 1092-1 (ex DIN 2501, ISO 2531, BS 4504, ISO 7005-1)


Corrosion Protection

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

Min. Dry Film Thickness: 250 µm

Colour: blue, ca. RAL 5005

Full stainless steel option available.


Dam discharge, flow regulated discharge.