FALCON C Gravity Concentrator

Falcon C Gravity Concentrator

Falcon C Gravity Concentrators are primarily used to maximize mineral recovery and reduce tonnage to downstream processes. The Falcon C is capable of collecting fine minerals that would be missed by dense medium separators, spirals and other low G processes. Some of the machine’s key features are:


  • Unit capacities up to 100 t/h
  • Advanced wear materials and a modular design decrease downtime and maintenance costs
  • High gravitational field (up to 300 G) allows recovery of very fine particles
  • Able to produce mass yields as high as 40%


  • Fine mineral recovery down to 10 microns
  • Fully automated, “one touch” operation, minimizes offline time and offers the highest mineral concentrate security
  • Continuous production of concentrate at >70% solids
  • Ideal for scavenging and pre-concentrating mining applications


  • No fluidizing water consumption or offline time for concentrate flushing
  • Produces high density concentrate (0 – 40%) therefore no thickeners are required
  • Greater than 95% mechanical availability and extremely low operating costs
  • Small footprint