Soft Start Paste Valve

Cutting Edge Technology for Paste Backfill

This is the cutting edge in paste backfill valve technology.  Soft Start Paste Valve - DSS

Technical specification: 

Ranging from Class 150 (PN 20) to Class 900 (PN 150), тhe valve provides zero-leakage, bidirectional operation that can isolate from full vacuum to ASME Class 900/PN 150 pressures (2220 psig/153 barс).

It has a wide bore which keeps the paste flowing in a homogeneous manner. A Guided Shear Gate design and shearing tip enables to cut through paste and the solids within it.

Gaps and dead spaces have been removed in the valve design and flush-out ports have been included to remove any excess material responsible for potential blockages and valve seizures.

DSS Valves are equipped with replaceable parts that enable a lengthy service life and the lowest cost of ownership.