Penetration Seals

  • High Pressure Ground Water Seals:
    Cylindrical, single or multiple arch wall penetration seal. Penetration seal without, with one or more arches.
  • Low Pressure Air-Tight Membranes:
    Air-tight or splash water-tight penetration sealing. Air-tight or splash water wall penetration sealing membrane
  • Fire Penetration Seals:
    Fire bulkhead sealing for pipe penetrations.  The Fire penetration seal for wall tubes up to Ø 400 mm


Ø length/ width Standart Pressure Movement Capability

High Pressure Ground Water Seals

200 to 4,000 mm

6,000 x 3,000 mm 150 to 250 mm

up to 2.50 bar

up to 200°C

Low Pressure Air-Tight Membranes

25 to 6,000 mm

6,000 x 3,000 mm Standard length 60 mm up to ±20 mbar

up to 200°C

Fire Penetration Seals Мedium pipes
up to  150 mm
Standard length 60 mm up to ±20 mbar

up to 200°C