Metallic Meshes

Metallic Meshes
Metallic meshes are the most widely used screens in the aggregate and mining industries, due to their high screening area, precision and price ratio. They are manufactured in different geometries (square or slotted meshes) and different weaving styles (double crimped, flat mesh, etc.). All metallic meshes have very precise screening capability due to their crimping style and are manufactured using the best steel alloy to withstand high abrasion, tension and impact. Manufacturing high quality meshes also requires a strong focus on the inside tension of the mesh. We have the know-how that comes with experience to ensure the appropriate tension to avoid minimum vibrations that can cause the mesh to break.

Manufactured under the following standards:
• High-Resistance Steel:

ISO 8458-2:2002
DIN 17223

• Stainless Steel:


Stainless Steel Quality:


AISI-304 / EN-1.4301
AISI-316L / EN-1.4404
AISI-310 / EN-1.4845

Duplex: AISI-S32001 / EN-1.4482

• Technical requirements and testing:
ISO-14315:1997, ISO-4783-3:1981,
ISO-9044:1999, ISO-2194:1991