Lantern ring for horizontal slurry pumps


Lantern ring for horizontal slurry pumps

Lantern ring for horizontal slurry pumps

  • Metal

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  • Mining industry
    – Minerals flotation
    – Slurry transport
    – Cyclone feed
    – Mill circuit
  • Waste water
  • Chemical industry

Lantern Ring is usually used in the gland seal system of slurry pump. In order to improve the sealing performance and prolong the service life, a lantern ring is added in the middle of the packing. The structure of the lantern ring is circular, and there are grooves inside and outside, and holes are evenly distributed in the grooves. Working principle of the lantern ring: high pressure water is introduced from the small holes around the lantern ring. When the pump shaft rotates, high pressure water is driven to form a high pressure water ring at the water seal ring to prevent the leakage of liquid in the pump casing. This not only strengthens the sealing performance of the packing, but also plays a cooling and lubrication role on the packing.

* Lantern ring is compatible with the OEM’ part

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