Ceraflex – WRL- 3  

Ceramic pads for lining chutes and feeders.

Lining Solutions - Ceraflex wrl 3

Ceraflex wrl 3

  • Material: Ceramic Rubber

Ceramic tiles, vulcanized on a rubber pad with metal insert. This is a variation of ceramic rubber liner with 100% ceramic exposed area. The hexagonal ceramic tiles provided smooth surface to flow and abrasion resistance for sized materials, whereas rubber provides impact resistance from light loads. It is fixed by means of stud, welded to the steel backing surface just like Elastocer liner.   

500 x 500mm
500 x 250 mm 
305 x 305 mm
Thicknes of:   30and 50 mm


  • Twelve time more durable than Steel (proven by trials).
  • Typically used in Hot Material Handling applications like Sinter, Slag etc.
  • Severe abrasion resistant


  • Reduces cost of Annual Maintanence& Wear protection material
  • Reduces shut down frequency , hence production cost
  • Prevents jamming and corrosion.