Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate
Fastener System

Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate fasteners

Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate fasteners

Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate fasteners are engineered to meet the demands of the toughest material handling applications, providing a strong sift-free splice and superior holding ability. A choice of sizes accommodates belts from 3/16″ (5 mm) to over 15/16″ (24 mm) thick.

High strength High strength is the result of superior design and plate compression on both the top and bottom sides of the belt. High tensile strength bolts compress top and bottom plates to distribute splice tension evenly across the entire width of each fastener plate. For added strength and pull-out resistance, specially formed teeth penetrate deep into the belt carcass – without damaging carcass fibers.

Easy installation
Field-proven templets, punches, and boring tools make it easy to quickly and accurately prepare belts for fastener installation. Fasteners are easily installed on-site using portable hand tools or power tools. Our exclusive piloted bolts also contribute to faster installation.

Market applications
• Sand • Gravel • Crushed stone
• Grain • Coal • Cement • Salt