Belt Positioner - Flexco

Belt Positioner

The Belt Positioner™ is the simple, reliable solution for problem belts that consistently mistrack to one side of the conveyor. The Belt Positioner works on the return side belt using simple angled rollers mounted in a fixed position to quickly and continuously funnel the belt into the correct path. This is the “quick fix” solution for belt tracking problems caused by conveyor misalignment mishaps and ground shifts, and can be used on temporary systems.


  • Immediately influence the belt path up to 50 ft (15 m) in both directionsBelt Positioner - Flexco
  • Compatible with mechanically fastened, vulcanized and reversing belts
  • No belt edge damage – idler rollers make smooth contact with the return side belt’s bottom cover
  • Maximum Belt Tension:
    – Small, Medium and Large: 900 PIW (155 N/mm)
    – Extra-Large: 1200 PIW (210 N/mm)
  • Belt speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 m/sec)
  • Belt widths from 18″ – 96″ (450 – 2400 mm)


Can be installed at the head pulley, before or after the take-up pulley, or anywhere on the return beltline
Ensures center loading when installing before the tail pulley

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