Zero Leakage Isolation for Tank Transmitters

DSS Transmitter Isolation Valves (TIVs) provide zero leakage isolation and trouble-free operation that ensures worker safety when instrumentation is being calibrated, maintained or replaced.

These valves are great options for Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Mining and Chemical applications because of their ability to cut through material in the pipeline, form a tight seal under high and low pressure, and resist corrosive substances.

Standard Specifications and Materials

Size: 3”

Class: 150

Height: 19.67” (500mm)

Weight: 49.85 lbs (22.6 kg)

End Connections: Close Coupled Standard

Tank Flange with ASME Class 150 Flange

Body Material: A351 Gr. CF8M
Blade/Gate Material: A240 316 SS

Seat: Aflas

Port: Full Port (3”)

Transverse Seal: Aflas w/Teflon Packing

Operator: Ratchet Handle

Coatings: Xylan Coated Body and Blade

Purging: Optional Purge Ports Located in the Chest

Face to Face Dimensions: 2” (51mm)