Textile and synthetic filter cloths

Textile And Synthetic Filter Cloths

Having a vast international experience in industrial filtration, we offer different types of fabrics for press filters, finished according to the needs of each client for all types  filter cloths.

We weave all kind of synthetic woven cloth for liquid solid separation. The main types we produce are based on fibers like PP, PA, PES and also others as PPS or PVDF. The types of yarn that we use are:
mono-filament, multi-filament and staplefibre.

Our standard widths are 1370, 1600 and 1780 mm, but we can weave up to 2400 mm. We can supply the goods packed in rolls or precut by laser in sheets

Filter Press Fabrics

Filter Press Fabrics

Press cloths can be manufactured with a traditional neck, special reinforced, rubber neck or drape over to fit all types filter plates. Our technicians will recommend the most suitable type to improve the filtration and solve those problems you could have (particle retention, blinding, cake release, stretching or breaking)

Belts made of PP, PES and PA single or double layer available in different widths and joining systems such as stainless steel clipper with over – under lapping to reduce product loss through this part. Edges could coated with special neoprene.

Belts for typical Larox or Hoesch tower presses at standard width of 1,05 and 1,70 for many kind of industries. We have some standards in PP but can be made also in Polyester at different permeability. The clipper seam is reinforced with special resin and also the edges are coated.

Vacuum rotary drum filter

Vacuum rotary drum filter

We supply fabrics for different kind of vacuum filters:

Til ting pan filter
Pan filter
Disc Filter
Drum filter

pressure leaf filter

Pressure Leaf Filter

Moore filters are the most typical leaf filter machines found in the production of titanium dioxide.
Leaf filters are mainly used for the separation of suspensions with a low solid content.