Our Severe Service Check Valves (SSCKVs) provide repeatable non-return function in high pressure and temperature applications, and our material options can withstand the most corrosive media in your processes.

Occasionally, it makes sense to pair our SSKGV and SSCKV in tandem. For instance, if an application requires zero-leakage isolation and a unidirectional flow, the two valves operate seamlessly.

This DSS SSKGV and SSCKV tandem provides isolation and non-return function all within the takeout profile of other larger valves currently in service.

When the Severe Service Knife Gate Valve is open, flow is maximized in one direction. The Check Valve operates to prevent backflow and cross contamination in case of a potential pressure drop or reversal of flow. While our Check Valves are capable of sealing far greater than industry standards require, it isn’t industry best practice to rely on Check Valves for isolation. By combining the two valves, the SSKGV adds the additional assurance of zero leakage isolation when closed.