Needle Valve Introduction:

In many cases, to regulate the flow, the only thing we can adjust is the section area of the valve passage, which can be called  Needle Valve throttling.

Material Selection:

AVM Needle Valve has a robust single piece cast housing in ductile iron as standard. Other materials are available on request.
All critical parts are in AISI 316 Stainless Steel (constructed or cast) including the main slotted body piece, which is the best anti cavitation and erosion material. Only bush bearing systems are made of copper alloys, and all those are out of cavitation and water jet zone. Bronze or gunmetal cast parts are porous in micro structure. This is the main reason why they are used as bush and bearing elements in industry with ‘self lubricated’ adjective. Those pores inside their structure are good for absorbing water or oil in their body and use as lubricant versus stainless shafts moving. Those pores in micro structure is a very important disadvantage against cavitation conditions. Thus we strongly avoid using any GUNMETAL or BRONZE ENERGY DISSIPATING elements in our designs. Rubber seals are EPDM and retainer bolts are A4


Needle Valve Drive Options:

– Worm-helical gearbox manual/electrical.

– Travel nut and stem gearbox manual/electrical.

– Oil Hydraulic actuator.

– Pneumatic actuator.

– Water hydraulic actuator