A proven design..

The valve has been designed for the water industry, taking into account the latest developments and know-how, exceeding the requirements of BS 5163 (EN 1074), SABS 664/665 and DIN 3352.

Sizes and pressures go up to DN 2000 and PN 40 as standard.

Powder epoxy with drinking water certificate is always applied.

Metal Seated Wedge Gate Valve

Metal Seated Wedge Gate Valve

Advantages of AVM Wedge Gate Valves:

  • Full-bore design with low head-loss
  • Drop-tight sealing due to Bronze/Gunmetal seats (standard)
  • Back-seating facility; enables change of stem seals while valve is under pressure
  • O-ring stem seals (DN 50-150), and improved Chevron packing (DN 200 and up) as standard
  • Accurate side guides ensure smooth and safe operation. (Bronze slides are optional)
  • Aeration and drain tap
  • Integrated lifting lug and holes
  • ISO 5210 top-flange is standard from DN 350 and up
  • Spur Gearbox is standard from DN 700 and up (for PN 16). Bevel gear is optional
  • Easy replaceable o-ring shaft seals or Chevron packing

Drive Options:

With Hand wheel or Cap Top

With mounted spur or bevel gear unit. Manual operation by one person also for larger sizes Electric actuator application (ISO 5210, B3)

Hydraulic actuation

Pneumatic actuation

Size Range and Pressure:

DN 50 up to DN 2000 as standard  PN 10 up to PN 40

Working Temperatures:

 -20 °C up to +70 °C for liquids up to 120°C with special EPDM

Applicable Standards:

 Face to face BS 5163 (EN 1074), SABS 664/665 and DIN 3202 F4/F5 (PN 10-16)

 Face to face BS 5163 (EN 1074) long pattern and DIN 3202 F5 (PN 25-40)

 Flanges to EN 1092-2 (ex DIN 2501, ISO 2531, BS 4504, ISO 7005-2)

Corrosion Protection

Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

Min. Dry Film Thickness: 250 µm Colour: blue, ca. RAL 5005


  • Pumping Stations
  • Treatment Plants
  • Reservoirs
  • Pipelines
  • Power stations
  • Desalination Plants
  • Industrial
  • Applications