Hydraulic Power Unit  AVM Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Tailor Made Design

All features available, from simple on/off to advanced controls, such as regulation or fail safe.


Why use Hydraulic Actuators?

  • Can be used instead of any mechanical drives, either manual or electrical
  • Can be a simple cylinder to operate the valve in a linear movement (i.e. gate valves) or combined with some a mechanism for rotational duty (i.e. butterfly valves, ball valves or plug valves)
  • Hydraulic actuation allows the designer many options, i.e:

–  Different force/torque and speed can be applied at open/close or in different stages of opening/closure.
–  Emergency closure (failsafe) with lever and weight assembly.
–  Secondary pumps in case of pump failure (not possible for electric    systems).
– Can operate 24/7 continuously.

AVM Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU):

 Hydraulic Power Units usually consist of the following equipment:

  • Motor(s) and hydraulic pump(s) to create the hydraulic pressure
  • Pressure control valves to by-pass overpressure to the tank
  • Manual and/or solenoid valves for directing flow to the required side of the cylinders
  • Flow control valves to control speed of operation
  • A hydraulic block combining these valves in a compact design
  • Filters at suction and/or pressure side
  • This equipment is assembled onto an oil tank, which is the oil reservoir
  • Heater and/or cooler systems when necessary
  • Oil level sensor
  • Oil level gauge
  • Pressure gauge
  • Temperature sensor, if needed
  • Control box, i.e. an electrical cabinet for controlling this equipment
  • In addition to the hydraulic equipment quality/price level, the following equipment can be tailored to meet the client’s needs and requirements. These selections have a cost impact as well.

–  Steel or Stainless Steel Tank

– Steel or Stainless Steel Control Box

–  Steel or Stainless Steel Piping

–  Steel or Stainless Steel Hose Ferrules and Fittings