Dual Free Flow Slurry Ball Check Valve (DFFV)

Dual Free Flow Slurry Ballcheck Valve (DFFV)

Dual Free Flow Slurry Ball Check Valve (DFFV)

DUAL’s Free Flow Valve operates on the discharge side of the pump as the flow through the pipeline starts or stops, the ball automatically rises or falls, opening and closing the valve. This occurs without noticeable shock or hammer, regardless of the line pressure or the speed of closure.


  • Rotating and floating ball – self adjusts to flow.
  • Self cleaning due to the freely rotating ball.
  • Long ball life due to ball rotation.
  • Full port opening. No obstruction to the flow.
  • Virtually no pressure drop. Eliminates pipe hammer
  • Long seat life. Seats are out of the flow and can be rotated in line to increase seat life fourfold
  • Easy maintenance. Seat and ball can be inspected or replaced without removing the free flow from the pipeline
  • Virtually maintenance free because of the simple design