Dual Single Pinch Valve (DSPV)

Dual Single Pinch Valve (DSPV)

Dual’s Single Pinch Valve Consists of a tough but flexible full bore sleeve, which forms part of the pipeline. The valve is closed mechanically via movement of a pinch gate located above the sleeve. The core of the Dual Single Pinch Valve is the sleeve. The Valves are well suited for on/off and throttling control applications involving slurries, powders, liquids, granulated materials and applications where scale build is a problem.

The Dual Single Pinch Valves double-ended enclosed body with easily replaceable, flexible rubber sleeves

  • Thrust bearing for ease of opening and closing (handwheel type)
  • Long operating life
  • Full bore, low friction loss
  • 100% drip tight closure even with solids in the medium
  • Light weight
  • Seals in both directions
  • High flexibility sleeve design reduces closing forces, improves recovery to full open position
  • Enclosed body protects the sleeve from the environment
  • Fast and easy sleeve change
  • Single wearing part
  • Face to face compatible with diaphragm valves
  • No glands which require regular adjustment
  • Rising and non rising spindle types
  • Positive opening tags
  • Visable spindle indicator