CENTADISC-C series torsional couplings and drive shafts are an ultra-strong, lightweight composite solution for marine, rail, and other industrial applications.

The CENTADISC-C series products are strong, yet lightweight composite membrane couplings andCENTADISC-C Coupling driveshafts. They can be used with tubular steel, or composite carbon or glass fiber shafts. Built for use in passenger ferries, and other marine vessels, CENTADISC-C series couplings and drive shafts offer extremely low weight for easy handling and assembly/disassembly. 

The torsionally stiff design composite membrane compensates for considerable axial and angular misalignment. The robust combination of low weight, high strength, and durability make CENTADISC-C an ideal solution for long shaft spans and is also well suited in corrosive and high-temperature environments. CENTADISC-C is available in lengths up to 10m (30’) and is radially mountable, easy-to-service and maintain. Thanks to the flexible, lightweight design, CENTADISC-C holds up under stressful applications with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money on handling and servicing.

CENTADISC-C Coupling The CENTADISC-C series torsionally stiff couplings and driveshafts offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for vibration and noise-damping. The lightweight composite materials ensure safe transmission of high torques and speeds. Built with modularity, CENTADISC-C can be combined with additional CENTA torsional coupling products for optimal adaptation and performance. Standardized shaft-end face-tooth connections between the coupling membrane elements and tube or power unit ensures easy installation and low maintenance. The CENTADISC-C is ideal for applications with demanding misalignments, high speed, long spans, and corrosive environments. Rely on CENTADISC-C products for smooth, no-hassle performance, strength, and optimum durability in marine, rail, and similar applications.

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