OMIM supplies equipment and technologies from leading European and American manufacturers for the mining, power, chemical and sand and gravel industries.

Lines of Technology


Crushing, screening, comminution, screening and classification, flotation and filtration. For this line we have a full range of slurry and foam pumps, abrasion resistant hoses, knife gate valves with different drive types and a complete set of automation equipment including the corresponding software.

Sand and Gravel

Extraction and processing of sand and gravel: classification, size and dewatering screening installations, dredging pumps and pontoons, abrasion resistant hoses, floaters for hoses, cables and others.


Auxiliary materials and equipment: a full range of polyester and metal cloths for horizontal, drum, disc filters and filter presses. Metal, rubber and polyurethane screens, a full range of belt cleaners and fasteners for quick repair.

Power Industry

Turn key installation service for capturing and neutralizing sulfur, carbon and nitrogen oxides. Full range of circulation pumps for sulfur cleaning / filtration installations, horizontal vacuum filters for gypsum dewatering , slurry pumps , hydrocyclones, a full range of gate valves, ball valves and others, abrasion resistant rubber hoses, rubber and metal couplings/expansion joints for compensation of axial, linear and angular deviations of the pipeline.



OMIM becomes an official representative of TERMOKIMIK for Bulgaria!

In 2012, OMIM became an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the Italian firm TERMOKIMIK CORPORATION. TERMOKIMIK was founded in 1938 and it's headquarters still lay on the northeastern part of Milan. TERMOKIMIK is a specialized firm,…
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