About Us

Office for Mining Industry and Metallurgy Ltd. is 100% private company specialized in the exclusive representation of some of the World-leading American and European Companies, manufacturers of many machines, equipment and materials widely used in the Mining and Chemical Industries, Metallurgy and the extraction of inert materials.

Our foreign Partners are chosen in the way to meet all the needs of our Bulgarian Partners for the transport, control and treatment of slurry, classification and solid/liquid separation, separation and classification in function of density and particle size, rubber lining of ball, bar, SAG and AG mills with metal or contemporary rubber based elastomers and also belt conveyor fasteners.

We know in details the areas of application and the technical characteristics of all products offered by us. After a detailed study of the process and the existing problems, we help our Bulgarian Partners to choose the exact type and size of the product, equipment or machine they need.

  • Additional part of our services is:
  • Professional Lawyer advices concerning activities of foreign Companies in Bulgaria;
  • Professional translation and legalization of technical literature and any type of documents and materials;
  • Custom clearance;
  • Organizing of shipment (international or internal) and transport;
  • Managing an already supplied equipment concerning spares, working conditions, guarantees etc;
  • Controlling the accuracy of payments;
  • Building an effective local strategy based on the specific Bulgarian Market;

We train the personnel of our Bulgarian Partners to operate and maintain the delivered by us products, with guaranteed original spare parts during the whole operation period of the equipment.

When necessary, our foreign Partners help directly the customers to make the right choice and to correctly operate the supplied equipment.

We help our Bulgarian and Foreign Partners for 18 years now.

For us Partner is always with a Capital letter and our motto is 'We are always with you'

With regards
Eng. Arguir Vacavliev – General Manager